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Rig and Animate Art, Character, Painting, Object, Photo. Children's art. Child art.

Rig and Animate Art, Character, Painting, Object, Photo. Children's art. Child art.

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There is something magical about seeing a drawing, sketch, painting, or digital object come to life with movement. Inspire your children, teen, friend, mother, or anyone, by taking an art piece, character, drawing, sketch, photo, painting, or otherwise, and letting us rig it and then animate it for you.

Whether it is a child's drawing, and presenting it to them via an iPad with it coming to life with a message of hope or inspiration, or just a silly inside message they will love, or a character you have drawn, purchased a license to, or otherwise - that you wanted to come to life.

Purchasing this listing, you allow us to take your sketch or artwork, rig it for you (set it up for animation) and animate a simple, small sequence for you (details to be worked out after purchase).

Visit one of our youtube channels to see the magic behind the animation and rigging:

Family Life Studios:

Boxels Media:


1. Purchase this listing (securing a spot in our production queue)

2. Visit our submission form to submit your animatable object (art, sketch, photo, painting, licensed works, etc.):
and forth questions about what you'd like to see come to life with movement in your animatable object.

3. Price of this listing includes our rigging your one object (or we can do more if objects are simple and in a scenery, please just ask) so that not only can we create a simple 20 second animation for you (character movement), but you own that rigged character for future animation use to your heart's desires (we have free tutorials showing you how to use it and animate it yourself).

4. We provide you with the rigged object for your personal use and links to tutorials on how to use the rigged character as well as the 20 max length second animation sequence.

5. We invite you to join our animation private group, where you can access tutorials on how to use your rigged object to animate it as you would like.
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