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DTF Sheets Custom Prints Gangsheet Direct To Film Printing (1800 x 1200 High Res DPI)

DTF Sheets Custom Prints Gangsheet Direct To Film Printing (1800 x 1200 High Res DPI)

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We only print pixel perfection. We don't skim or cheat on anything. We print as if it were our own orders, only the best.

With a professional DTF production facility, you should expect, no banding, no choke issues (white peaking through or over the edges), and professional feedback.

Purchase from us and see the difference without gouging you on pricing.

  • Custom Full Color DTF
  • Hot Peel 22 inches X (however long needed, max 15 ft per gang sheet (180 inches))
  • Heat Transfers for T-Shirts, Hoodies & Apparel.
  • Bulk Options Available.
  • DesIndie Quality Promise

How it works. If you are not familiar with Gang Sheets, simply put, you will create a gangsheet (pdf, ai (illustrator), eps, png (transparent @ 300 dpi), that is exactly 22 inches wide by however long you would like. You can fit however many graphics in whatever sizes you want within the gang sheet, keeping in mind you will be cutting them all out, so be sure to leave enough space to cut around each graphic, but also fit them as tight as you want, as the more you can fit the better price per sq ft you are getting.

You checkout using the options we have provided according to the size you need.

Important NOTES:

  • If you need multiple copies of the same gang sheet, simpley upload the gang sheet, select the appropriate size of the gang sheet (round up where needed), and then add as many quantities you'd like of that gang sheet.
  • You can also upload multiple gang sheets at once in one order, just be sure to select the appropriate total length of the gang sheets you are uploading.
  • If your selection doesn't match the gang sheet, we will contact you to discuss the discrepency, but your order won't be processed if the selected size paid for doesn't match or is greater than the uploaded width and length of your gang sheet.
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