Corporate Greed & Mismanagement? (aka Mike and Megan McEwan) Potentially Defrauds Sellers over 10 million in products shipped.

Corporate Greed & Mismanagement? (aka Mike and Megan McEwan) Potentially Defrauds Sellers over 10 million in products shipped.

After more than a decade selling with, it pains me to write about's actions over the year of 2023 and into this year. 

We sellers are beyond frustrated with what appears to ultimately be the fault of corporate greed, mismanagement of funds, profit over people, & possibly down right fraud, and have gathered together to attempt to fight back, as Jane leadership did not give any insights, information, or indication of their closing, let alone not paying their sellers - while encouraging sellers to the last minute to keep shipping and putting up new products and deals.

We had personally shipped all orders up until the day before Jane closed their doors unexpectedly, in spite of not being paid by Jane for any of those orders for over a month, a huge loss and hit to our business we will push to recover from, with no sight in being paid by Jane, as the sellers seem to be last on the list in any legal filing that we have been told to date.

If you would be so kind and spread the word about these two websites:


We sellers are slowly but surely uniting as the backbone of Jane’s platform, the sellers, to both tell our stories and rebound together as we move forward from the mountain losses that seem to be linked to Jane leadership, as even employees were shocked and laid off seemingly last minute with zero severance.

 Many customers and vendors are using the tag, #janestolemychristmas to let people know the deceptive manner in which Jane leadership left its vendors, staff, and customers in the dark, owing potentially 10 million or more (some estimates are 20 to 40 million) to its sellers for shipped orders, while pocketing millions themselves (we know Mike and Megan pocketed millions, more than enough to pay the sellers what's left owing and have yet to even address the sellers).

So much for the Jane vision of helping small business owners, women, couples, and individuals build their business and brands online. We are beyond frustrated with the corporate greed that never should have been the case at Jane, but it seems their talk about integrity and honesty was just that, talk. Some signs were there, but no indication this would happen. 

Mike and Megan ought to pay the sellers rather than pocket 10s of millions each. Time will tell if either of them have a heart or if this is just another corporate greed story where they get away with it, as it has been speculated that Mike said, after Jane went down, "It's just money, they will get over it".

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